Jo Stanley, Fox FM “The Matt and Jo show”, Melbourne

"After having my baby by emergency C-section, I was feeling pretty sore and sorry for myself. I was keen to get back into my daily exercise routine, but didn’t know how to go about healing myself with that goal in mind. SRC Recovery Shorts made the weeks after birth much more comfortable and, therefore, made me more confident in returning to my normal work routine, while learning how to be a Mum! SRC Sports Shorts assisted me to return to exercise, which of course helped me to start feeling in control and like myself again. I was grateful for all the support!"

--- Jo Stanley, Fox FM “The Matt and Jo show”, Melbourne

Peter McCraw

As a High Performance Coach and Tennis Specialist, I have followed with interest the research and development of compression garments over the past 10 years.  While the research validated the performance benefits of wearing compression clothing for training, competition and recovery, I had not found any garments I could recommend with confidence until now.

The Activate range from SRC meet all the requirements elite athletes look for in performance apparel.  It's the first compression range that I have found that validates the research. 

"As a coach to elite tennis players for the past 20 years, I have tested all available brands, styles and designs of compression clothing with athletes and for myself.  Until now, none have been suitable for the demands of high performance training, competition or recovery, as they all lost their compression, rode up, fell down or fell apart in the wash. 

The Activate range by SRC are a superior product to everything I have used and tested with elite athletes in the past 10 years.   

The high waist means they 'stay up', with the lumbar spine and core muscles being supported.  The garment and waist band do not lose their elasticity after wearing for multiple hrs. each day.  I have run, rode bike, trained in gym, coached and played tennis in the shorts for up to 6 hrs. a day and it's the first compression garment I have not needed to significantly adjust during any activity.  Compression in the gluteus, quadriceps and hamstrings is superior to everything I have used.  I highly recommend these to any athlete, coach or physically active person looking to receive the benefits compression clothing offers.  I consider it an essential piece of training and performance equipment for athletes and essential workout garment for anyone with an active lifestyle of physically demanding profession".

--- Peter McCraw

“I have been wearing the SRC Capri leggings during different forms of exercise (weights, running, Pilates) to test how they feel compared to normal activewear and I can really feel the difference. As a physiotherapist and clinical Pilates instructor I am all about core muscle activation and correct posture and the SRC leggings encourage the right muscles to switch on which in turn help technique. I was impressed at how breathable the material was: these are thicker really supportive leggings! And they are not see through! I have been recommending them to all my clients…”

--- Claire Shield Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor, Your Health Domain, Sydney

As a first time user of SRC Health Activate leggings I was astounded by how supportive I felt in them all day long. I felt like I walked taller, that my posture had improved and that I not only looked but felt much firmer. Overall, it was like being hugged all day and I can’t wait to wear them again and again and again!

--- C.Harvey, Australia

"I’m a 42 year old mother of four children my youngest now 6 yrs old. I love my exercise which includes running, weights, riding and swimming. Over the years I have found that running and riding in particular gave me a lot of lower back pain and tightness. Since wearing SRC Sports Shorts I no longer suffer from lower back pain and can now do a hard 10km run without tightness in that area. The shorts are also great to wear in Pump classes (weights) – I can get out of bed much more easily the next day without the previous stiffness that I suffered from. They are now my choice of sportswear!"

--- Bernadette Spinks, South Australia AUS