Bridget McIntyre- TV Presenter Brand Power

"Going into my first pregnancy I had suffered sacroiliac joint, hip and lower disc pain for about five years. My condition was so severe I would have regular cortisone injections into my SIJ joints a few times a year, to relieve the inflammation and pain, not to mention the physio visits! I was very concerned as to how I would manage the pain throughout pregnancy as the weight of the baby increased and put more pressure on my pelvic joints and back. Many people had many theories as to how my back problems would hold up during pregnancy but around the 30 week mark I experienced very bad pelvic instability and lower back pain.

I already had a cupboard full of back support braces and pelvic belts etc, but had heard about SRC Pregnancy Shorts and thought why not give them a go? When they arrived I was a bit skeptical as they felt like they probably wouldn’t have enough support for me, but after persisting and wearing them for around 20 hours a day, and during the night, the results were instant. I absolutely loved them!

I felt fully supported standing for long periods at work, and I could easily wear them under my clothes without feeling bulky. They offered such wonderful relief around the pubic bone area. Not to mention they were comfortable and the fabric breathes, which for me was so important, being pregnant during the hot summer months. I look forward to getting into the Recovery Shorts now!"

--- Bridget McIntyre- TV Presenter Brand Power

"During my pregnancy I suffered from sciatica from 14 weeks. I invested in some SRC pregnancy pants from 20 weeks after advise from several friends and health professionals. From 20 weeks I could walk again and also go back to the gym! These pants were my lifesaver! I decided to invest in some post pregnancy pants, and the difference has been enormous. The support is great and also the confidence in wearing them to support my core. I LOVE the post pregnancy ones, I've even convinced my friends to get them as well. As a health professional, I know the importance to working on post pregnancy separation so I am so glad I got these shorts. I LOVE SRC and their products, and the confidence and support I got them was life changing this pregnancy compared to my first."

--- Jess Blair

" During my pregnancy I loved my pregnancy SRC tights. It's difficult to find options that are both practical and comfortable but this is exactly what the SRC tights are along with all the added extra benefits that they offer such as support during the nine months. Since giving birth to my boy Barney, I have lived in the post pregnancy tights. They are not only the most comfortable garment but I feel so much positive reinforcenent in terms of looking after my body in helping me repair my ab seperation and getting my pelvic floor strength back to what is was prior to falling pregnant"

--- Laura Geitz

During my recent pregnancy with twins I suffered from back and Pelvis problems from the weight of the babies I was carrying. My physio recommended SRC Pregnancy Shorts. These shorts helped support my lower back and pelvis and really helped get me through my pregnancy. I had a Caesarean section at 36 weeks due to complications. This left me understandably sore. My physio recommended the SRC Recovery Shorts. The shorts are amazing, they are comfortable and supportive at the same time. I notice a big difference in the pain from my c-section wound when I am not wearing the shorts to hardly any pain when I am wearing them. I would highly recommend both the pregnancy shorts and recovery shorts.

--- Jacqueline Casey

I am 28 years old and pregnant with my first child.

A pharmacist, Stephen from Whites Dispensary South Melbourne, recommended SRC Pregnancy Short for my lower back pain at 20th weeks pregnancy. He assisted me getting correctly measured and recommended that I wear the garment everyday.

I work in retail and stand on my feet at least 8 hours everyday. At 20th weeks pregnancy, my back and hip hurt everyday after work and got worse as my belly grow. I had to lie down frequently and felt needle like pain in my back. I couldn't get out of bed as easily as before being pregnant.

When I was wearing SRC Pregnancy Shorts, I felt more supported in my pelvic area and it gave me more strength to walk, stand and kneel down. After the second day, I don't have any needle sensations in my back. I like the durable and breathable fabric as I can still wear SRC Shorts under leggings, pants or a dress. I will continue wearing SRC Pregnancy Shorts for the rest of my pregnancy and recommend to my girl friends.

--- Sindy

Catriona Rowntree – TV Presenter Getaway

Getaway star and mother of two gorgeous boys, Catriona Rowntree credits her stunning pre-pregnancy shape to a healthy lifestyle and wearing the recovery shorts following the birth of each of her two babies.

Just weeks after giving birth, Catriona was delighted to be back in her jeans.

"For centuries there have been all sorts of different ways to try and get your body back into shape. I wore the SRC Recovery Shorts following my pregnancies and unlike any other products on the market, the recovery shorts allowed my body to recover well and bounce back into shape. I was able to get back into my old clothes within a few weeks."

A girlfriend of mine told me about the SRC pregnancy shorts and leggings following her pregnancy and recommended them. She said, “this wonderful Australian invention help put everything back in line”. I wore the shorts in the first weeks after giving birth to both of my children and they gave me the support I needed after pregnancy and snapped everything back to normal. After delivering my baby, a healthy 10.5 pound bundle of joy, I began wearing the recovery shorts  from day 2 and with the combination of being healthy before and during pregnancy, then breastfeeding and wearing the shorts, my body bounced back to shape in no time. I’m so happy my body is back to normal."

--- Catriona Rowntree – TV Presenter Getaway

My pelvic pain began late in the 2nd trimester and quickly progressed. Within just a couple of days I went from minor discomfort to hardly being able to walk.  I searched on the internet for my symptoms and found the SRC website and decided it was worth a shot.  Within a couple of hours of receiving them, I felt pain relief, and after several hours I was rushing up and down the hall and realized I was able to run to the bathroom because I had the shorts on! I consider them a vital investment in my healthy pregnancy.

--- Emily Gallimore - Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

“Despite being a relatively healthy and active individual, my second pregnancy has been met with unforeseen complications from the very beginning.  The most physically uncomfortable and emotionally stressful condition came around the 5th month of pregnancy when we realized that our daughter was sitting so low that I began to have significant swelling around the upper thighs and vulvar varicosities as a result.  These conditions were painful and prevented me from performing daily operations at work and at home - with a sudden switch to a sedentary lifestyle within days.  The doctors recommended a maternity support band to help relieve some of the pressure.  I bought some that had groin support bands to help with the pressure.  These were positively reviewed to aid in managing discomfort surrounding varicosities.  While they provided limited relief, I still experienced discomfort and ultimately thought that they were cumbersome to manoeuvre and impractical to wear at work. 

During my research into vulvar varicosities, two items were mentioned to help with compression.  One was the band that I had already tried, and the other was the SRC Pregnancy Shorts.  I contacted customer support to get more information about the effectiveness of these shorts for my condition, and to inquire about the appropriate garment size that would be the best fit for me, given that I've already entered my third trimester.  I met Claire from customer support, and not only was she professional and prompt in her reply, she was also extremely thoughtful and a pleasure to talk to. 

I received the SRC Pregnancy Shorts a few days later, much faster than the anticipated 7-10 business days for international shipments.  The difference that these shorts made was literally night and day.  The size description was accurate.  The material was comfortable and durable - perfect to wear under existing clothes without being hot for the entire day, and already withstanding several washes.  The compression was comfortably firm without feeling like it was going to cut off circulation, and the support it offered throughout my entire pelvic region was indescribable.  I can't even express in words how much these shorts have helped with pain management in such a short amount of time.  I honestly think that was the first time in about 2 months that I could move uninhibited, and that freedom meant so much.  The reassurance that I'll be able to last the next 2 months means EVERYTHING.  If anybody else suffers from similar medical conditions, I think that the SRC Pregnancy product line is an essential and worthwhile investment.  I immediately went back and ordered the SRC Pregnancy Leggings in the same size, and can proudly say that I'm a loyal advocate for SRC Health products.  Thank you so much!”

--- Deborah Mai, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

“In my first pregnancy I developed SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) at 28 weeks and in my second pregnancy I developed SPD at 13 weeks. In both cases SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings formed an important part of my strategy to maintain mobility. I wore them 24hrs a day, sleeping in them right up to my delivery. They reduced pain immensely in my hips and groin and supported me when I developed back pain for short periods during growth spurts. The lightweight breathable fabric provided superior comfort and allowed me to wear them under my uniform at work and under day to day clothes. Personal experience together with the fact that SRC Pregnancy Leggings and Shorts have been designed in consultation with an obstetrician is why I highly recommend for them for women who are experiencing pregnancy related lower back pain, pelvic Instability, pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis pain, varicose veins and vulval varicosities, fluid retention, symptoms of incontinence, and to women wanting to continue working and or exercising during their pregnancy.”

--- Anita, www.FitFor2.com.au

"I have been recommending the SRC pregnancy and recovery range to women for years.  If I had my way it would be standard practice for ALL women to be fitted for recovery shorts. The SRC products are a no brainer, every little bit counts in the early post-partum period so it is easy to recommend a specialised supportive garment that helps reduce low back and pelvic pain and assists in the recovery and knitting back together of the abdominal region! All my patients have reported positive results after making use of both the pregnancy and recovery shorts, commenting on their comfortable fit and ability to exercise freely in the garments while also being able to hide them discreetly under everyday clothing.  My first gift to all friends and family post baby delivery is a SRC Recovery Shorts Fitting (I hope the favour is one day returned)!"

--- Petra Koenig, www.thestudiorozelle.com.au

“As a physiotherapist and a mum of an active 2-year-old I was very conscious of staying strong and fit during my pregnancy. Despite my fitness efforts at 32 weeks I suffered from significant pelvic instability and found it very difficult to even take a few steps. I tried tape, an SIJ compression belt, exercises, rest but nothing was helping. Finally, I decided to try the SRC Pregnancy shorts. When I put them on they felt so comfortable, I wasn't sure that they would help but, within a few hours I was feeling much more secure and could walk with much less pain. Combining the shorts with my rehab helped the most and I was very grateful that ! would get through the final 2 months of pregnancy with less discomfort. I would highly recommend the shorts to anyone with pelvic issues in pregnancy.”

--- Janine Shifman, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Elwood, Victoria, Australia

“As a specialist obstetrician I had so much positive feedback that I became a stockist for SRC products and now include a pair of the recovery shorts in my of obstetric package. Based on this positive feedback I can thoroughly recommend SRC pregnancy and recovery garments.”

--- Dr. Anthony Lawrence, Specialist Obstetrician, Glen Waverley Specialist Centre. http://dralawrence.com.au/

My name is Liz, and I am lucky enough to work at Pelvic Health Melbourne.
I wanted to provide some feedback on how supportive and helpful I am finding the SRC pregnancy leggings, which are helping keep my sacroiliac niggles at bay whilst I am learning all the amazing things my body can do during this pregnancy with my first baby. I am very impressed with how supported I feel wearing the leggings, which not only helps me functionally from a teaching and working point of view, but also enables me to continue with my gym training which is of huge importance to me as I try to stay active during this time of change my pregnant body is going through.
I am scheduled to have a Caesarean in September this year and plan to wear the recovery shorts as I have had great feedback from so many of my clients that they help with recovery of both vaginal and Caesarean deliveries

--- E.Elsbury, Pelvic Health Melbourne

As my second pregnancy has progressed, I am so grateful to have finally found a product that is helping to relieve my back and pelvic pain. Being able to adjust the waistband is fantastic, as the leggings can grow with your bump. The back panelling in the leggings are so supportive as well and have made my lower back feel so much stronger. l onlyr wish I had known about these leggings for my first pregnancy!!!

--- D.Kelly

I loved my SRC shorts for both pre and post natal care. I am prone to lower back pain and so naturally carrying our baby put extra strain on the area - but the SRC pregnancy shorts literally saved me. Light and streamlined, as I began to feel lower back pressure, I started wearing the shorts daily under my clothes and the support instantly relieved me, making especially the third trimester comfortable. Then after the birth of our beautiful baby girl the recovery shorts did wonders speeding up the healing process. I had been recommended them by a number of friends who said they worked miracles, and they did! The extra support they provided helped my body heal quickly. The SRC pregnancy and recovery shorts are mummy-to-be must haves!

--- Lizzy Lovette

I just received my compression shorts and they are A. MAZING!!! I put them on and it was instant relief after a long day at work.. these are gonna to get me through the rest of my pregnancy so much more comfortably.
Thank you so much! I might have to get another pair for my next pregnancy!

--- J.Youngman, New Zealand

"I suffered from lower back pain during my pregnancy. At 26 weeks I began wearing SRC Pregnancy Shorts and the benefits were immediate. Amazing support and comfort and my back pain disappeared almost immediately. SRC Pregnancy Shorts helped me and they can help you too."

--- Brooke Hanson, Olympic Champion

"SRC Pregnancy shorts have eliminated my sciatic discomfort, while wearing them. I am on my feet about 6-8 hours a day doing massage therapy. Between carrying a 50 lb massage table, driving, and working on my patients my sciatic nerves were severely compacted with pressure. The day I tried the shorts I was suffering from Right Sciatic Nerve pain. The moment I tried them on, my pain literally went completely away. I will say, if I do not wear the shorts my lumbar area is painful. To mend the issue, I simply wear them all the time. It has given me the ability to continue working without pain.  I have been wearing the pregnancy shorts for about 12 hours a day (through my workouts and about 7-8 hours of massages). I don’t currently sleep with it on. My back does ache during the night. I am strongly thinking about just wearing them constantly except in the shower, just to keep continual relief :)"

--- Kristina Schmidt. Florida USA

"After suffering from serious sciatic pain during my current pregnancy I was starting to come to terms with the fact that for the next 5 months I was going to be in pain. I was regularly attending myotherapy appointments to gain relief from the pain I was having and the results were only temporary. I was unable to get through most of my day pain free, I saw SRC Pregnancy Shorts on TV and thought what could the harm be. Things were only going to get worse as I got bigger. I received my shorts and put them on as soon as I unpacked them and within 1-2hrs I was walking, sitting and standing with no pain. At the day's end I was hesitant to take them off but I wasn't going without them the next day. These shorts are extremely supportive and comfortable and I wear them under everything. Thank you for providing such a supportive product that I cannot sing the praises of enough. I look forward to ordering my Recovery Shorts in a few months time."

--- K. Anderson, Kialla

I find SRC Pregnancy Shorts extremely comfortable to wear. The material is silky soft and fits discretely under my clothes. I wore the garment in both cold and hot climates and it was fine to wear all day in the hot weather. The garment offers fabulous support and relief from the pain associated with vulval varicosities. I found that if I forgot to wear it, by the end of the day my varicose veins were throbbing and pronounced. This does not happen when I put the garment on in the morning and wear it all day. So far I haven’t had any more veins appear and am hoping that with continued daily use of SRC Pregnancy Shorts I won’t get any more.."

--- Jo Parker, Melbourne AUS