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SRC Sports Shorts – Discontinued Line

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Protect your body with SRC Sports Shorts

Built with the needs of women in mind and perfect for supporting you during exercise. Unlike other compression leggings, SRC Sports Shorts has Anatomical Support Panels (ASP) for the pelvic floor, lower back and legs, designed for a women’s body. Tested up to 100 washes to avoid going sheer.

SRC Sports Shorts offers:

  • Specialised fabric construction technology provides maximum support to lower abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles improving muscle tone and pelvic stability
  • Anatomical support panels (ASP) offer consistent gentle medical grade compression providing enhanced circulation and oxygen delivery during exercise
  • Accelerated Muscle Recovery (AMR) - reduced muscle soreness by increasing venous removal of waste products of muscular activity such as lactic acid after exercise.
  • Proprietary lightweight & breathable fabrics provide superior comfort whilst exercising or when you’re helping your body to recover.
  • Superior stretch and compression performance
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Product Information

Who & Why do they help during exercize?

  • Women wanting superior pelvic, lower abdominal and back support
  • Reduction of muscle soreness both during and after activity
  • Support related lower back pelvic girdle pain (PGP)
  • Injury prone? - reduced risk of injury to keep you active for longer
  • Reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence
  • Improve core stability
  • Enhanced athletic performance and muscle recovery post activity

How do they work – how will they protect my body?

The graduated gentle compression provides continuous support to your muscles because of the anatomical panels and fabric construction technology. SRC compression garments enable and stimulate muscles for enhanced performance, injury prevention or muscle recovery.

By stimulating muscles with gentle compression, this provides stability to the lower abdominal and back muscles, facilitating an improvement in core stability. SRC’s compression sportswear features a specialised luxurious fabric and breathable power mesh lining, designed and tested specifically for the SRC range of compression garments.

Specialised fabric construction technology

SRC compression garments feature a proprietary luxurious fabric and breathable power mesh lining which are designed and tested specifically for SRC garments. These high performance panels are cut in multiple planes/directions to provide multi-directional stretch performance. SRC compression garments retain their stretch and recovery characteristics over time.

Anatomic Support panels

Anatomically designed and manufactured to fit the female anatomy and work with natural curves and muscle orientation. The anatomical placement of these support panels ensures consistent gentle medical grade compression at 4-15mmHg while providing structure to the garment for exceptional fit and maximum support without any feeling of restriction.

Improved core stability

SRC compression garment panels provide maximum support to lower abdominal muscles, the lower back area and the perineum (pelvic floor). Many gynaecologists recommend women wear SRC compression garments following certain procedures to increase support to the pelvis and perineal area thus reducing swelling.

Enhanced muscle performance

Our superior-grade, breathable fabrics allow air circulation and heat dissipation, assisting with regulation of body temperature. Providing muscles with gentle continuous compression reduces muscle vibrations, friction and protects muscle integrity for optimal performance.

Injury prevention and accelerated muscle recovery

  • SRC compression garments for recovery after exercise work to boost circulation through increased arteriovenous function, assisting muscle recovery by transporting oxygen to muscles faster and increasing lactate removal.
  • SRC compression sportswear helps to ease muscle soreness, prevent injury and significantly reduce fatigue and recovery time.

Helpful hints -(You don’t have to be an athlete to wear them)

Use SRC women’s compression for general support during your busy day and when engaging in activities such as walking, jogging, pilates, weight routines, cycling, tennis etc. for after birth recovery.

SRC compression garment should feel supportive without any feeling of restriction and were designed to be worn over regular underwear.