Nutrition during pregnancy

Nutrition Tips for your baby body!

  1. Sustainable energy - slow releasing carbohydrates or low GI carbohydrates for consistent energy and weight control. (choose grainy breads and cereals, whole fruits and vegetables)
  2. Increase lean protein – choose proteins to increase satiety and for muscle growth and repair namely fish, pork ,tuna, eggs, low fat dairy, nuts, legumes and lentil)
  3. Carbohydrate control- carbohydrates are essential for sustainable energy however too much of anything is never a good thing. Control portions.
  4. Variety is key to meet vitamin and mineral requirements, 3-4 serves of calcium, 2-3 serves of fruit, 5 or more vegetables 
  5. Consuming for two is a myth but increasing intake of certain vitamins, minerals and protein is essential and true.