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Largest Maternity Leggings and Shorts Compression Wear Range to Support You throughout Pregnancy


With the addition of the SRC Pregnancy Mini Shorts (Over the Bump) coming in late December, SRC Health can easily lay claim to having the largest range of pregnancy leggings and shorts that are complimented by the famous range of post-partum recovery shorts and recovery leggings. A total of 8 different garment lengths and styles provide for every preference and life stage, delivering on the unwavering dedication to the SRC vision of “Support For Life”.

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Mothers Know Breast!?

“Mothers know best” about many things, yet do we look after our breasts to ensure they are in their best possible shape, before, during and after childbirth?

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Maternity Shapewear; Separating Myths from Medicine

According to, the world’s No1. fitness publication, shapewear is the biggest hoax in fashion history. Celebrities and everyday women love the results and swear by their secret slimming undergarment, but many others raise the potential health implications whilst also putting the marketing of these garments under the microscope; are we being misled by "toned" bodies that are really squeezed into figure-flattering undergarments? Continue reading

Maternity Leggings, Belly Belts, Girdles and Recovery Shorts - A Guide on What to Pick? for all things pregnancy and post pregnancy for yourself, let alone your baby can be overwhelming and extremely confusing, especially as so many people have different words and terms for the same items.

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