Mothers in SRC Activate Get Back Into Exercise after Baby

We live in a world where Hollywood celebrities apparently get their pre-baby fabulous figures back in just a few weeks usually with the expert assistance of personal trainers and nutritionists-dieticians, as well as wearing the right compression clothing like the SRC Activate Shorts particularly the Women’s Active Shorts during exercise. Such images can place undue pressure on ordinary women to achieve similar results.

The Good News

Fortunately, everyday mothers can also regain their pre-baby figures, perhaps even lose the pesky excess pounds, without a team of personal trainers and nutritionists-dieticians on board. The trick is in adopting a balanced diet; a moderate exercise program recommended by your physician; and a set of healthy lifestyle habits.

Losing the post-baby weight to get into your pre-baby weight can be challenging, to say the least. You will likely find many reasons to stop your healthy weight loss plan, such as being busy with the baby and household chores. But always keep in mind that determination is the key to weight loss so just find the time every day to exercise.

Wear the Leggings

And when you exercise, be sure to wear a pair of SRC Activate Leggings particularly the Women’s Active Leggings. These leggings are designed as maternity active leggings that allow pregnant and post-partum women to move easily during exercise (i.e., comfort) while also providing them with sufficient support where it is necessary, such as in the abdominal area.

Like maternity active shorts, each pair of SRC Activate Leggings is made from a specialised, lightweight and durable compression fabric that aids in supporting the abdomen and pelvis specifically the pelvic floor muscles. This is made possible via the strategic placements of multiple layers of compression fabric. This allows for the performance of exercises in a comfortable position while also stimulating blood circulation, thus, improving performance.

The SRC Activate Leggings have been proven effective in improving venous drainage, stabilising muscle oscillation, and creating support for the pelvic floor, as is the case with maternity active shorts. The fabric used also has no central seams coupled with internal flat seams, which add to comfort by reducing the friction (i.e., rubbing) during exercise and allowing over-the-waist wear – truly, a contrast with regular elastic tights.

The SRC Activate Leggings are suitable for all types of exercises recommended by doctors for post-partum women, such as Pilates and yoga as well as running and Cross-Fit. These can even be worn while sleeping to increase blood circulation to the muscles, thus, reducing muscle soreness and tiredness.

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