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Feeling Hot and Sweating During Pregnancy? 7 Essentials Facts You Must Know When the Heat is On!

Sweating During Pregnancy

1 Why do I feel hot during Pregnancy?

A ‘bun in the oven’ or ‘growing a little human’ are clichés yet they are true. The volume of blood in your body can increase by as much as 50% during pregnancy. To cope with this, your blood vessels dilate slightly and allow the blood to come closer to the surface.1 The energy it takes to move around with the extra weight of the bump can make you hot.

It’s normal to experience hot flushes during pregnancy so there’s no need to panic. Affecting about 1 in 3 pregnant women, hot flushes during pregnancy are very common at night and are usually most felt around your head, neck and chest. 2

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4th Trimester: 17 Most Popular Items Chosen by New Mums To Speed Up Postpartum Recovery

4th Trimester

Defined as the first three months of your baby’s life, 4th trimester is a time when the newborn is adjusting to life on the outside and you are equally adjusting to your new life and parental responsibilities on the inside. The baby gets out into the world and you get to “stay in” for a while.

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Twin Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy is a blessing, especially if you have been trying for a while. If you have made a wish and two came true, then prepare yourself for a journey unlike any other. You must be equipped with all the necessary information from the time of conception to the day you bring your twins into the world.

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