1. The Pregnancy Waddle, Pelvic Girdle Pain and More…

    The pregnancy waddle, the description of a pregnant woman’s gait lovingly referred to as the“pregnancy swag” accompanied by cute penguins are the source of numerous internet memes from “Everyday I’m Waddling” to “Keep Calm and Waddle On” are no laughing matter as the condition is a likely sign of pelvic instability and is often accompanied by pelvic girdle pain. 

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  2. Top 5 Exercises During Pregnancy Regardless of Your Fitness Level

    Exercising during pregnancy is essential if you want to minimize aches and pains, keep a healthy body-weight, maintain muscle tone, and control your pelvic floor. Gone is the myth that pregnancy is not the time to start an exercise routine! Many women who are non-exercisers often see pregnancy as an opportunity to look after themselves and to prioritise their health and fitness. After all, pregnancy itself is a workout, so the fitter you are the more you are likely to enjoy this special time.

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  3. Pregnancy - To Belt or Not to Belt that is the Question

    Pain during pregnancy can be debilitating and make it difficult to enjoy what should be a truly wonderful experience. Research has shown that approx. 70% of all pregnant women suffer low back pain and up to 45% complain of Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)1,2. Women with one or both conditions can find it difficult to cope with or participate in everyday activities.

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  4. Buy SRC Pregnancy When Looking For Maternity Shorts Online

    Are you searching for online maternity leggings? Be sure to check out the SRC Pregnancy leggings and shorts! These are made from excellent quality durable compression material, which will not turn sheer after several washes unlike regular maternity leggings.

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  5. Fashionable Cardigan to Cover Growing Baby Bump

    Maternity cardigans are one of the basic must-haves in a pregnant woman’s wardrobe – or even in a new mother’s closet for many reasons. Cardigans can be worn to ward off the chill during the cool autumn and winter days, accentuate the beauty of the outfit for the day, and cover the growing baby bump, if you so desire.

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  6. Easy to Buy SRC Pregnancy Products Online for New Mums

    Are you looking for the best pregnancy products that provide the benefits of comfort, support and style yet had little to no luck? Then look no further because we have the great range of maternity clothes here at SRC Health!

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  7. Mothers in SRC Activate Get Back Into Exercise after Baby

    We live in a world where Hollywood celebrities apparently get their pre-baby fabulous figures back in just a few weeks usually with the expert assistance of personal trainers and nutritionists-dieticians, as well as wearing the right compression clothing like the SRC Activate Shorts particularly the Women’s Active Shorts during exercise. Such images can place undue pressure on ordinary women to achieve similar results.

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  8. Treating Pelvic Girdle Pain with Compression Shorts for Support

    While buying online pregnancy clothes, expectant mothers may likely not think about compression support especially for their abdominal area. But this should not be so since compression support will likely be necessary during the post-delivery period particularly if you suffer from pelvic girdle pain.

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  9. C-Section Recovery- an easier way to get mobile sooner!

    As many of you are only too aware, a C-section or caesarean is major abdominal surgery. What baffles me is that when you have a C-section you are expected to be the carer for your newborn once your drip and catheter are removed, usually the day following the operation.

    Recovering from a C-section will be a little different for every woman. Elective v Emergency C-section will also make a difference as you may have gone through a difficult labour leading up to operation. Usually elective C-sections are performed under spinal anaesthetic where as a number of emergency C-sections are performed under general anaesthesia. Your wound generally is horizontal and at the top of the pubic hair line and is approximately 10-15cm long. With placenta previa a vertical incision may be necessary. 

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  10. Cheeky and Useful Mum Advice

    “I’ve just had a baby, someone hand me a manual”

    Some first time mothers just have the ‘know how’ and being a mother to them comes naturally. For many though, it’s a hard slog, an arduous road testing your patience, ears, beloved sleep, choices and how to care for this little dependent being. Can someone hand me a manual please?

    It’s a confronting journey having a baby and it makes you review yourself and question whether the choices you are making are right for you and your baby. ‘Should I breastfeed? Why is my baby crying? My baby is feeding too frequently! My baby is restless! My baby is puking!’ The list of questions and concerns goes on and on and we search for the answers because we feel incompetent, helpless and desperate. We simply have lost the confidence our foremothers had to follow our own instincts. Maybe this is because there are so many books, media publications and websites all offering different answers and solutions. This actually makes life more confusing and in many ways undermines a first time mother being the best judge of her baby.

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