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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Belly Belts, Maternity Belts and Pregnancy Belts

As with all health-related products, the key to making the right decision for yourself, especially during the period of pregnancy, is knowledge and understanding and then potentially consulting a Women’s Health Care Professional like a Women’s Health Physiotherapist. So, what are Belly Belts, Maternity Belts and Pregnancy Belts?

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Catch Up On The 5 R’s To Make The Most Of Your Maternity Leave

Regardless of the time at which you decide to take your maternity leave there will be more on your to-do list than “the most productive cyborg mother to be” can ever hope to achieve. Make sure to prioritise and don’t stress.

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Maternity Shapewear; Separating Myths from Medicine

According to, the world’s No1. fitness publication, shapewear is the biggest hoax in fashion history. Celebrities and everyday women love the results and swear by their secret slimming undergarment, but many others raise the potential health implications whilst also putting the marketing of these garments under the microscope; are we being misled by "toned" bodies that are really squeezed into figure-flattering undergarments? Continue reading

7 Reasons Why SRC Compression is your Must Have Post Natal Recovery Garment

Get out of your activewear and get into SRC’s medical grade compression to fast track your recovery while addressing conditions like Abdominal Muscle Separation (DRAM), Perineal Tears and stitches, C-Section wounds, Sciatica and Low Back Pain. SRC Recovery Shorts and Leggings were developed specifically for this reason. Continue reading

Exercises for Relief of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain or lower back pain in early pregnancy is an inevitable reality for most women. Medical experts suggest that back pain could be majorly caused by the pregnancy hormones relaxing the ligaments around the joints. Additionally, the natural weight gain and postural changes due to the bump position contribute to the problem. To get a long-lasting relief for lower back pain, here are six great stretches that will assist in relieving back pain during your most demanding time. Continue reading

Twin Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy is a blessing, especially if you have been trying for a while. If you have made a wish and two came true, then prepare yourself for a journey unlike any other. You must be equipped with all the necessary information from the time of conception to the day you bring your twins into the world.

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Pregnancy Back Pain – Part of the Pregnancy Journey or a Potentially Serious Complication?

Sometimes pregnancy back pain and other complication arise — even in healthy women. Some prenatal tests done during pregnancy may help prevent these problems or spot them early.

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Maternity Leggings, Belly Belts, Girdles and Recovery Shorts - A Guide on What to Pick?

Shopping for all things pregnancy and post pregnancy for yourself, let alone your baby can be overwhelming and extremely confusing, especially as so many people have different words and terms for the same items.

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You don’t have to accept Pelvic Girdle Pain as part of your Pregnancy journey

What is Pelvic Girdle Pain?
Pelvic Girdle Pain is a condition that causes pain around the joints of the pelvis, commonly during and after pregnancy. Pelvic Girdle Pain is the umbrella term for pain that effects the Symphysis Pubis and both Sacro-iliac joints.

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7 Things You Can Do To Speed Up C-Section Recovery

32% of women in Australia deliver by C-section.1Difficulty with walking and getting in and out of bed are common after giving birth, precisely during one of the most challenging times for a new mother, especially one who has undergone a C-section. She needs to not only speed up recovery from a C-sectionbut also care for hernewborn baby; lifting, feeding, bathing, and caring for a bundle of joy that is completely dependent on her.

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